About This Course

Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, grain, seasons and the love a mother bears for her child is the archetypal embodiment of earth in the Chinese five element classification. When in balance, those of this constitution are content, empathetic and nurturing, with healthy boundaries and consequently healthy immune systems and digestion. When out of balance, the earth element is prone to worry, martyrdom and resentment, poor personal boundaries and endless self sacrifice lead to digestive and autoimmune issues. This course is intends to discuss these trends in the clinical setting.

  • Understand the importance of "the Mother" Archetype in TCM

  • Understand how to diagnose pathology using this archetype

  • Recognize this pathology in a clinical setting


  • 01

    Course Contents

    • Meet Ceres: Goddess of Breeders and Overeaters

    • The Myth of Ceres

  • 02


    • The Devoted Mother

    • Helicopter Mom

    • The Empty Nester

    • The Orphan

  • 03

    Themes of Ceres

    • Ceres Themes

    • Ceres Shadow Themes

  • 04


    • Quiz

    • Course Evaluation


Meet Susie & Megan

I believe that recontexting the human experience into astral terms helps us see and work effectively with our connection to the energetic world.

Susie Rosenberger


Meet Susie & Megan

I strive to create a nurturing and peaceful space, incorporating ancient Chinese Medicine with bodywork, yoga techniques, nutritional therapy and guided meditation.

Megan Lott