Natal charts use your birth data to forecast everything that lays ahead of you.

Having your chart interpreted by an experienced astrologer unveils precious insights you can use to understand your strengths, vulnerabilities, and place in the universe.

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Meet Your Astrologers

I believe that recontexting the human experience into astral terms helps us see and work effectively with our connection to the energetic world.

Susie Rosenberger

Meet Your Astrologers

Olivia Fellus, L.A.c, Dipl.OM, is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine herbalist, with her own private practice in San Diego, California. She completed her baccalaureate in Russian Language and Literature from UCLA in 2009. After graduating Summa cum laude she completed her post-bac premedical studies at SDSU in 2011. She enrolled in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2012 and graduated with her Masters in Oriental Medicine in December 2015. During her medical training, Olivia interned in the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Clinic, UCSD Owens Clinic, and at Radys Childrens hospital. These experiences have exposed her to a variety of patients and ailments, sharpening and widening her skills as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Olivia is also an astrologer who offers a variety of chart readings including her signature Astro Acu Session, which grounds your personal astrological chart with acupuncture treatment.

Olivia Fellus