About This Course

At its highest expression, The Pallas Athena archetype demonstrates the ability for women to show strength and power in the face of patriarchal tyranny. The fully realized Pallas Athena woman can see the underlying patterns that create reality through an unconscious understanding of the fibonacci sequence. These women are true visionaries able to shatter barriers between the sexes. When in harmonic expression, they have the potential to be pivotal leaders in the advancement of women in our society. The imbalanced Pallas Athena is more relevant than ever today, because she demonstrates the way by which women deny their femininity to work like men (as shown in the "career woman" archetype) in an effort to show their strength through masculinity.

  • Understand the Pallas archetype

  • Look at the effects of our yang society on the collective

  • Understand the pathologies associated with this archetype


  • 01

    Course Content

    • Meet Pallas Athena: Goddess of Boss Babes and Earth Shakers

    • The Myth

  • 02


    • Introduction to Archetypes

    • The Career Woman

    • The Tom Boy

    • Daddy's Girl

    • The Man Hater

  • 03

    Themes of Pallas Athena

    • Pallas Athena Primary Themes

    • Pallas Athena Shadow Themes

  • 04


    • Course Evaluation

    • Quiz


Meet Susie & Megan

I believe that recontexting the human experience into astral terms helps us see and work effectively with our connection to the energetic world.

Susie Rosenberger


Meet Susie & Megan

I strive to create a nurturing and peaceful space, incorporating ancient Chinese Medicine with bodywork, yoga techniques, nutritional therapy and guided meditation.

Megan Lott