About This Course

Sex, Shame and Submission; A Mythological Look at TCM Diagnosis and Treatment-Beyond stories and tales, mythology has served the purpose of explaining the inexplicable human condition. Myths offer a timeless compass for each generation; guiding the moral fiber, spirituality, and wellness of our communities and culture. They also serve as an excellent guide when it comes to unraveling the source of our deepest impressions as a society and can reveal the ways through which we have been indoctrinated on a subconscious level by an imbalanced social construct. This course is an introduction to understanding the role of Myth and Archetypes in discovering TCM pathology.

  • Revaluate how TCM clinicians look at pathology

  • Examine the traditional causes of disease in TCM from a new perspective

  • Take a deeper look at the causes of disease from a Mythological, Archetypal and Unconscious lens

  • Emphasize emotional repression and reactivity as a primary cause of dis-harmonic yin and yang.


  • 01

    Course Content

    • Introduction

    • The Cause of Disease Through An Emotional Lense

    • The Role of Polarization in Disease

    • Myth

    • Archetypes

    • Group Consciousness

    • Imbalanced Yin And Yang

    • The Unconscious

    • The Method

  • 02

    Clinical Examples

    • Ella

    • Shawn

    • Sarah

  • 03


    • Worksheet

    • Quiz

    • Course Evaluation


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I strive to create a nurturing and peaceful space, incorporating ancient Chinese Medicine with bodywork, yoga techniques, nutritional therapy and guided meditation.

Megan Lott



Scroll to meet your Megan & Susie

I believe that recontexting the human experience into astral terms helps us see and work effectively with our connection to the energetic world.

Susie Rosenberger