About This Course

We can understand the archetypal influences dramatized in mythology, so we can begin to understand the emotional and behavior patterns that have created a myriad of imbalances. By identifying through mythology, the practitioner can use archetypal patterning as a portal of liberation. The myth of Vesta offers us as practitioners an opportunity to begin to heal some deep feminine wounds in our patients. Vesta's gift is that she is whole unto herself, devoted to herself, and does not seek approval from the external world. She represents sovereignty which is a key theme in the Age of Aquarius. This course explores Vesta pathology through the lens of TCM and how to tap into her highest frequency.

  • Understand the divine expression of Vesta

  • Look at the shadow frequencies of Vesta

  • Explore clinical examples related to this Archetype



  • 01

    Course Contents

    • Meet Vesta: Goddess of Sex and Devotion;

    • Vesta's Mythology

  • 02


    • The Promiscuous One

    • The Prude

    • Goal Oriented

    • The Housewife

  • 03

    Themes of Vesta

    • Additional Vesta Themes

    • Vesta Shadow Themes

  • 04


    • Quiz

    • Course Evaluation


Meet Susie & Megan

I believe that recontexting the human experience into astral terms helps us see and work effectively with our connection to the energetic world.

Susie Rosenberger


Meet Susie & Megan

I strive to create a nurturing and peaceful space, incorporating ancient Chinese Medicine with bodywork, yoga techniques, nutritional therapy and guided meditation.

Megan Lott